Growing Young Spirits.

What is holy? Who is your our neighbor? These questions are at the core of faith. Growing Young spirits provides families a place to discover the answers together. Wonderful beginning reader poems, beautiful illustrations and art pages for creating,  combine to make this book a unique family experience.

Children develop faith in the same way. Growing Young Spirits is about kids and the GREAT BIG QUESTIONS surrounding faith. Children are gently led through poetry, illustrations and process activities to explore the great Big Questions.

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People say the sky is blue.

But I see other colors too.


Christy Olson loves kids, gardening, swimming, writing, and laughing.

She spends her days with her husband on thirty acres, where they tend native prairie, take walks, and grow food. She has a BA in Elementary Education.

Her MA is in Theology. She loves to speak, teach, and write about how all ages seek to understand faith.


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In a park, in the rain, Christy reads her poems to kids and families.

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Little tiny chickadee

Chirping happily just for me.

Kylee: This is the chickadee feeding the babies in the nest



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book reading from Harriet Alexander Nature Center.


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He sits next to me on the bus,

Others say he's different than us.

He looks just like a kid to me

With big brown eyes and missing teeth.

Hands together in love

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